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Welcome to Coloplast

Welcome to Coloplast – one of the most successful medical device companies in the world. We are glad you stopped by to get to know us better.

Why join


There is purpose to what we do

Most of us want to work for a company that makes a difference. Well, in Coloplast you can. Our purpose is to make life easier for people with intimate health care needs. Once you have experienced the impact our products can have, not only on a person’s life, but for that person’s entire family, you know that you are making a difference.


We are truly global

We are close to 14,000 plus people in 42 countries. A mix of different nationalities and cultures working together in many languages. But we are also much more. At Coloplast we want you to be you. Only through a diverse workforce can we innovate and respond to the challenges of our users. Listening means being open to things that are different. We employ the same strategy with our people. If you share our values and see yourself committing to our purpose, we want you to join our company.


Uniquely human performance culture

Your colleagues are professional experts in their field, together with being genuinely nice people. They will do what they can to help you succeed and grow and they will expect you to do the same. At Coloplast, being ambitious is about working together to achieve the best results. In total, we might be close to 14,000 plus people, but you will never be lost in the crowd. No matter which market or country you work in, your daily work will be in environments that have a genuine family feel.


Good career opportunities

Our management style is based on empowerment. Empowering our employees to influence their daily work life, to be decision-makers and to grow in the company. You will have leaders that have a natural interest in seeing you thrive in your job. At Coloplast we don’t just hire you for one job. We encourage our people to further their career within the company. If you are interested, mobility can potentially move you to other countries and cultures.


Benefits and healthy lives

At Coloplast our mission is to care for our users and we invest in the care of our employees as well. We want to increase the health and prosperity of our employees. Every office of Coloplast offers a variety of initiatives and benefits to ensure that you have the possibility of making the healthy choice, live an active life and choose what is right for you and your family. This includes health insurance, pension plans, individual treatments, sports and healthy eating.

Take a look inside


Working at Coloplast

Get a glimpse of what we look like on the inside, what we do, and who we are. We work to improve the lives of our users, depending on their health care needs. We are a dynamic organization: constantly adapting. You can see for yourself.

"We hire ambitious, passionate and curious people" - If you possess all the qualities you are welcome to upload your resume here




    Assistance and Guidance just a call away!

    Our Care programs, designed for people living with an ostomy, offer straight-forward advice, personalized support and inspiration. Care is available when you need it. Our dedicated regional language speaking CARE team of advisors and specialists are here to help you live a better life by helping you do more of the things you love, so you can be you!

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    Assistance and Guidance just a call away!