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    Living an active life post Urostomy surgery is “Possible”

    The creation of a urostomy is a life-changing surgery, and it changes the way you do a few things.

    But, once you start recovering from surgery, it is possible to live an active life and return to activities you enjoyed in the past such as travel, sports, family life and work.


    Bruce (Urostomy Patient)-Living an active life post urostomy


    How “Life After Urostomy” guide helps live an active life with Urostomy

    This guide is created to help make this transition easier by providing answers to the many questions you may have related to “Life After Urostomy”.

    This guide will help you better understand urostomy – what it is, why it’s needed, how it affects the digestive system, and what changes it can bring to a person’s life.

    What’s inside “Life After Urostomy” guide?

    Other resources to live an active life with Urostomy

    SenSura Mio Urostomy Bags- Renew Your Confidence to Live an Active Lifestyle

    Key features of SenSura Mio include-

    • BodyFit technology to provide best fit to all body shapes
    • Unique circular filter to reduce ballooning and improve sleep quality
    • Neutral grey fabric to provide assured discretion
    • Innovative lockring to help with extra security and flexibility
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    Mike (Urostomy Patient)-Living an active lifestyle with SenSura Mio


    Looking for personalised support to live an active life with urostomy?

    We’ve got you! Coloplast® Care - a free support program – where we offer personalized support so you can live the life you want. No matter if your surgery is in the future, or if have years of experience, Coloplast Care is here to help you.



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