Making life easier

Our mission is to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. This requires both an understanding of their medical challenges and the many other concerns that impact their lives. These can be related to social situations, travel, work, intimacy, exercise or just a trip to the shops. We gain this understanding by listening to them and to nurses and specialists who care for them. It is what inspires us and enables us to deliver the products and services that can make a difference.

Our mission in action

Nine people relive moments of doubt and worry that our products helped them to get through.

Making life easier for our users​

Brian Wright Lifestyle

Making it easier to follow your heart

"I felt lonely and incomplete when I wasn’t capable of sex. Since I found a solution, I have started dating again and my life has opened up.”​


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Alessia Polita Lifestyle

Making it easier to get back on track

”It took a while but now I have taken back control. I’m trying new things, pushing my limits again."


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Making it easier_ to get lost in the moment

Making it easier to get lost in the moment

"For some time I was too nervous to play in front of others. But now I’ve got my confidence back. When I play, I feel free.”​


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Making it easier_ to be one of the girls

Making it easier to be one of the girls

“My stoma doesn’t define me. My friends know about it and they support me. I feel comfortable when we are hanging out.”​


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Making it easier_ to stay active

Making it easier to stay active

"I love taking my boat out and I do so whenever I can. Sometimes the weather stops me. But I won’t let my condition stop me."


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Making it easier_ to enjoy time together

Making it easier to enjoy time together

”My daughter is busy with school and friends these days, but we’re still close. And when we have time together, we make the most of it."


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Making it easier_ to go all in

Making it easier to go all in

"I lost 35 kilos when I was ill. But I have put it all back on. I feel determined, I’m training regularly and I’m now a specialist personal trainer."


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Making it easier_ to be yourself

Making it easier to be yourself

”Clothes are a part of my identity, so I worried about what I could wear after my operation. Today, I still dress the way I want.”


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Making it easier_ to make that deal

Making it easier to make that deal

"I was so glad to get back to work, it meant a lot to me. At first I worried about my ostomy appliance, but now I’m just focused on the job."


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Most people are not aware how widespread intimate healthcare conditions really are. Nor how serious their implications can be for the people who live with them. These figures suggest the scale of the challenge.

With our products and services, we want to make a real difference to the quality of life of the thousands of people they represent.

Scale of the challenge​

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