Flemming Retslov Making it easier… to stay active



Flemming admits he hasn’t been dealt the best hand in life. But with a twinkle in his eye and an ironic sense of humour, this unique character won’t let that stop him enjoying himself and helping others. Flemming has had venous leg ulcers for many years following complications that go all the way back to when he was born pre-maturely (in fact he was technically dead at birth). He has a Factor V Leiden gene mutation, which gives him many complications, including an increased risk of venous thrombosis.

Many years ago, Flemming burnt his leg on the exhaust pipe of his motorbike. The injury wouldn’t heal properly and developed into a serious wound. In the following years, his other leg also started to give him trouble, as ulcers became complicated due to bad venous circulation. Since then, he’s lived life with both legs heavily ulcerated from knees to ankles.

Flemming is a tough guy: Despite his wounds and a number of thromboses, he’s still a hard-worker, putting in 75 to 80 hours a week as a labourer. He has no formal education, and with typical irony he describes himself as being a ‘self-taught handyman’. He loves life and is generous with his time. As he says himself, “I would like to feature in this campaign – because maybe it can help others.”

With the help of a Danish hospital and the right products, Flemming’s condition has improved a lot, although he still has wounds. He doesn’t walk too well, but manages to get out and about: “I love taking my boat out and I sail whenever I can. Sometimes the weather stops me, but I’ll never let my condition stop me,” he grins.




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