Michael Neeson Making it easier… to make that deal



Mike was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2008, and after immediate treatment and chemo therapy he had an 11-hour surgery to get two stomas; a colostomy and a urostomy.

Being diagnosed with cancer and getting the message that you’d soon be having two stomas was quite disrupting for Mike, who worried about smells and odour and whether he would be able to return to his normal life.

After the surgery, however, Mike quickly realized that his first priority was to get on with his life; back to his family, back to his friends – and back to his career. As he says, it’s a new normal, but the quicker you can get on the right product and the right support, the sooner you get to the point where you can lead a normal life again.

Today, Mike has found a solution he describes as comfortable, quiet and slim – allowing him to wear what he wants without people noticing that he has two stomas. Discretion is important for Mike who wants to continue to pursue a career without anything stopping him: “I was so glad to get back to work, it meant a lot to me. At first, I worried about my ostomy appliance, but now I’m just focused on the job.”




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