Mesha Moinirad Making life easier… to go all in



It was a normal day in 2013, when Mesha woke up with severe abdominal pain and bloating. He thought it was just a stomach bug. A few days later in hospital, he was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and was put into an induced coma for 3 weeks.

Despite there being only a 20% survival rate, Mesha woke up. But what he saw when he came around was a shock. He had gone from being a muscular 11.5 stone to a frail 6 stone. Over the next few months he started to suffer with symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, frequent toilet use, and swelling of his joints. After around 6 months of testing, He was diagnosed with Acute Ulcerative Colitis and possible Crohn’s Disease. Over the next 4 years, Mesha tried every medication. Unfortunately, none of them really worked as they should.

At the age of 26, Mesha got an ileostomy: His health improved his weight increased and he started to feel he could rebuild his former self with a little effort. Within the space of three months he was back to work, rehabilitating himself in the gym. This is when he really found a passion for helping others with his condition and he launched a blog and website:

Today, Mesha is 29 years old and works as a personal trainer, approaching the Crohn’s and Colitis world from a physiological perspective, while also being aware of the importance of the psychological impact having such a condition can have. Mesha wants to be a good role model and help others who also struggle with Crohns or Colitis. As he puts it: “I lost 35 kilos when I was ill. But I have put it all back on. I feel determined, I’m training regularly and am happy with the progression of my career.” He now wants to transfer that positive energy to others who might be struggling.




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