Alessia Polita Making it easier… to get back on track



Monza, Italy. May 12th 2013. Famous Italian biker, Alessia Polita crashes during the World Superbikes Championships. It leaves her paralyzed.

It takes courage and strength of character to live life in the fast lane of high-stakes motorcycle racing. And today, at the age of 34, Alessia Polita shows that she’s still a force to be reckoned with, even though she is now in a wheelchair.

From living life on the edge to learning to live life with what could feel like insurmountable challenges takes a special kind of willpower.

The sudden change in life following her crash was difficult to handle at first. After a tough start when her perspective on life took a turn for the worse, Alessia made a conscious decision to embark on a new path and focus on other activities. The choice was a good one and soon she started to regain her positive mindset.

Acknowledging that it hasn’t been an easy journey since the accident, Alessia is now ready to get back on track: “It took a while, but now I’ve taken back control. I’m trying new things, pushing my limits again.” have a normal life too, just with some more expedients.




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