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As a young man, confidence is everything; particularly when it comes to relationships. It was a shock then, when at the age of 18, Brian found out he had problems getting and maintaining an erection. During his 20s he tried a variety of medical treatments and was even prescribed Viagra, having been told his problem was probably psychological. It didn’t help though, and years passed before he was prompted to take action again.

On the radio, he heard an ad promoting erectile injections. It seemed to work at first, but gradually he began to react adversely, which ended up with him being hospitalized. Luckily for him, it was here that he heard about penile implants. On being properly introduced to the idea, he was told something which put his mind at ease: “I was hugely relieved to hear that my problem had a name, erectile dysfunction, and it was caused by a venous leak. All this time I’d thought it was psychological. Now I knew there was a solution.”

This revelation was to have a major impact on Brian’s life. As he says himself, when asked what particularly changed for him: “One word: confidence. Professionally, personally, socially; that has made all the difference for me.”

What Brian has been through has made him acutely aware of the need for people to talk more about what can seem taboo subjects. And now, at 34 years old, he speaks from hard won experience. “What I want to emphasize about erectile dysfunction is that it’s a two-person condition – it affects you and your spouse. It’s important for your partner to understand that erectile dysfunction is a real condition. It impacts men of all ages.”

Acknowledging that it takes courage to make the first move towards proper treatment, Brian doesn’t want others to suffer in silence like he did. “If you have erectile dysfunction, don’t suffer alone and in silence. Seek help for it. See someone who specializes in erectile dysfunction – and they can provide viable solutions for you.”




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