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"Finding the Sensura Mio gave me the confidence to go to the work and socialize with my friends"
Deirdre O'Connor
Renewed Confidence
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Katia, SenSura Mio User
Renewed Confidence
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    SenSura® Mio’s right fit makes Active Lifestyle Possible

    Getting the right fit with your ostomy bag is crucial to renew confidence and live an active lifestyle. With our SenSura® Mio range, it's easier to get the right fit for all body profiles.

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    BodyFit Technology is the foundation for getting the right fit

    All SenSura® Mio baseplates are designed with BodyFit Technology. The elasticity of the adhesive ensures that the base plate accompanies the movements of the body. It stretches up to twice as long as traditional products.

    “How SenSura® Mio helped Deirdre live an active lifestyle”

    For Deirdre, it was a great deal to go out and meet friends for coffee as with other ostomy bags, she has had leakages all the time. With SenSura Mio, she got the "much-needed" confidence to live an active lifestyle.

    Looking for ostomy bag that provides “right” fit and helps live an active lifestyle?

    SenSura® Mio ostomy bags: Taking comfort and discretion to a new level

    Mio-Goes Unnoticed

    Goes Unnoticed

    The neutral gray fabric is specially designed to provide greater discretion. The color was chosen so that the raft goes unnoticed under any color of clothing, even under white.

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    Mio-Filter-Less Ballooning

    Less Ballooning, Better Sleep

    All SenSura Mio bags have the circular pre-filter that is designed to reduce obstructions and reduces up to 61% the inflation of the bag. (52% for colostomies and 61% for ileostomies). So you can sleep through the night without worries.

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    Mio-Wave Shaped Lockring-Extra Security and Assurance

    Extra Security & Assurance

    It has the strength of a stiff ring and the flexibility of a spring. Therefore it's secure and easy to handle - and that's exactly what you need in a 2-piece ostomy system

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    "I use a flat SenSura Mio ostomy bag and feel secure and confident throughout my day. It follows my body's movement and gives me the extra security I want, even at the gym."

    Margit-SenSura Mio User

    "I use SenSura Mio Convex and worry less about leakage. The bag is comfortable, secure and flexible. I have my confidence back."

    Neil-SenSura Mio Convex User

    Neil-SenSura Mio-1
    Neil-SenSura Mio-2
    Neil-SenSura Mio-3
    Neil-SenSura Mio-4
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    SenSura Mio Range2
    SenSura Mio Range1
    SenSura Mio Range3
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    There's a Mio for every body

    The SenSura Mio range is designed to fit individual body shapes, whether you have a regular, inward area around your stoma. Not sure which Sensura Mio is right for you? To find the SenSura Mio that’s right for your body profile, try the online BodyCheck tool.



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