Wounds & Skin Care

Our wound care portfolio offers products that assist healthcare professionals and patients with a complete wound healing cycle: from start to finish. We work with patients and healthcare professionals in developing new wound care solutions and we develop products that simplify procedures, increase compliance and ensure consistency of care.

Fewer days with wounds

What makes Coloplast special is our willingness to listen to the people who use our products, and act on what we learn.

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Wound Types

Basis the frequency of incidences that we have come across, we have classified the wounds in four types. Knowing about them will surely help you deal with them.
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Wound and Skin Condition

It is most likely that your wound and skin condition will fall into one of the four types. We have shared enough details about them for you identify and manage them.
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Wound Care Resources for Health Care Professions

HEAL educational Program

HEAL is a EWMA endorsed, medical educational programme supporting clinicians who are managing wounds and skin care complications

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Triangle of Wound Assessment

The Triangle of Wound Assessment is a holistic framework that allows practitioners to assess and manage all areas of the wound

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Case Studies

We have shared relevant case studies for you to understand and get confident about how with the right intervention the recovery can be really good.
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Product Solutions

Management of non infected wounds

Coloplast offers high quality wound care products that promote optimal wound healing by creating a moisture balance and reducing the risk of exudate leakage and maceration.

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Management of infected wounds

Coloplast has range of patented silver dressings which are recommended for effective management of infected wounds and wounds at risk of infection

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Management of wound and skin

Coloplast offers products which provide Protection for skin at risk and management of injured skin; keeping users comfortable and helping health care professionals provide high-quality care

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Wound Care Patient Testimonials


Without these dressings, I don't know where I would be. It sounds dramatic, but I probably wouldn't have a leg

Carlos de Carvalho Simon

My girlfriend and I love travelling. Before changing to Biatain Ag, we travelled for three weeks in Europe but the pain made the trip very difficult. On a scale of 10, the pain was 8 in the beginning. Now it's not more than 2 or 3.

Victor Harboe

Retirement? No way! I really like what I'm doing here and the fact that I can still do it. I'm just so happy to have survived with my leg intact. And that I can pursue my occupation.



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