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Filtrodor filter

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Filtrodor filter

A high-capacity filter. The Coloplast® Filtrodor is a disposable, self-adhering charcoal filter that can be applied to the outside of the pouch.

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Most Coloplast ostomy appliances have an integrated charcoal filter that controls gas.The Coloplast® filtrodor is a charcoal filter that adheres to your ostomy appliance for added protection against odours from your stoma. Odour is neutralized when gas passes through the carbon filter.
For added protection against odour

  • Easy to use - the filter is adhesive and attaches easily to the ostomy appliance. Perforations are made with the special pin provided
  • Minimizes ballooning - the automatic gas outlet regulates the pressure in the pouch
  • Adjustable flow rate - the capacity of the filter can be increased by making extra perforations between the pouch and filter

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